"In 2008, Saleen Inc. celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary as a specialty vehicle manufacturer. With roots in racing, its vehicles go well beyond the expected, providing a unique style and unmatched power to car enthusiasts and dreamers alike. Vehicles include the H302 Supercharged, the S331 Sport Truck, S281 Supercharged, and the S302 Extreme."


"The company also produces and markets a broad line of performance parts as well as offering design, engineering and certification services. The company, started by former racing driver Steve Saleen, began in 1983. By 1984, the first Saleen street car was ready for sale. It boasted special aerodynamics, an attractive and highly functional cockpit and a precise handling suspension package. The result was a car built as a limited edition model with individual serial numbers assuring authenticity. Later, demonstrating the car's performance, the company's race team brought home a victory for Saleen, Ford and sponsor General Tire at the 24-hour race at Mosport Park in Ontario, Canada."


"In 2003 Ford chose Saleen, Inc. as one of the key suppliers to the Ford GT. To build this low-volume super car, Chris Theodore, Ford's vice president of product development assembled a team of performance engineering experts, such as Saleen, with the skills to deliver and the knowledge to get things done within Ford while operating outside the established system."


"Many of the assembly processes already employed by Saleen to manufacture its Mustang, Saleen S331 Sport Truck and S7 models will be used for the paint and vehicle assembly responsibilities Saleen will assume for the new Ford GT."


"To provide these services to Ford, Saleen has opened a nearly 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Troy, Michigan known as Saleen, Troy. Housed in this building are a highly efficient GT assembly line, state-of-the-art painting facilities and a group of highly creative and specialized designers, engineers and fabricators capable of producing one-off show cars such as the critically acclaimed 2005 Ford Mustang GT-R."


"Today, under rejuvenated leadership, Saleen is poised to build upon a strong foundation. With a more entrepreneurial spirit, creative energy, and attention to detail, today's Saleen's are the best ever. And each new vehicle is certain to be built with the passion, craftsmanship, and care that can only be Saleen."


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