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When Your Transmission isn't Working Correctly

While you probably won't have to deal much with your transmission if your car is below 30,000 miles, it's important to know signs that indicate your transmission is having problems. Routine maintenance for your transmission is generally just topping off the fluid, and complete flush can occur anywhere between 30,000 and 100,000 miles.

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The Importance of Alignments

Maintaining a proper alignment on your car is one of the most important, yet sometimes overlooked aspects, of vehicle maintenance. All cars rely on their wheels being kept within strict tolerances with regard to the angles at which they're set. When wheels begin to fall out of alignment, the vehicle may become more difficult to control and become at risk for having parts fail catastrophically.

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How Does Horsepower Work?

Horsepower is the very common phrase that you hear whenever you're looking at a new car. The truth about horsepower is that it was developed by an engineer named James Watt in the late 1700s as way to sell steam engines. In those days, horses did a lot of the work that people normally completed. His invention of the steam engine gave people a handy comparison between what they were accustomed to and the idea that James had for a steam engine.

James was working with ponies and he needed a convenient way to describe the amount of work…

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Bald Tires Can Lead to a Fatal Event

Here at Bill Collins Ford of Louisville, we want to ensure that our customers and neighbors in Louisville, KY travel safely on our streets. If you choose to drive a car with old, worn out or otherwise bald tires, you risk earning a traffic offense ticket or you could even end up in an avoidable accident. Bald tires contribute to tire-related road accidents.

In the United States, automobile experts estimate the tire tread using the 32nds of an inch. The tread depth of new tires is approximately 10/32nds of an inch or 1/3 of an inch. 

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Switch Lanes or Slow Down

There is a law known as the Move Over law that stands in all 50 states. It means that as a driver you need to switch into a farther lane when you are passing a stopped vehicle on the side of the highway. If you cannot switch lanes safely because someone is in the other lane you need to slow down by at least 15mph.

Every year there are more than 200 roadside workers who are fatally killed on the highway. We want to remind you from all of us here at Bill Collins Ford of Louisville to always beaware…

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How to Get a Finance Agreement at Home

Financing makes owning a vehicle possible. While many would like to buy a vehicle without it, it can be hard to find those kinds of resources. Outside help can be necessary. Unfortunately, getting financing can be a bit of a pain.

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2018 Ford Fusion Gives A Lot In Features

Having the right car isn't hard when you shop our dealership, especially if you want the convenience of a sedan but don't want an SUV. While there may not be many cars to fit those specification, there is the 2018 Ford Fusion. The Ford Fusion is the answer to having more space without having a car that's too big in comparison. This mid-sized sedan offers a spacious interior, a rear view camera, and a wireless communication at the minimum price.


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Ford SUVs Are a Working Alternative

There are many reasons to buy an SUV, and most of them are encompassed in one word: utility. With a new sedan, no one wants to use them in everyday chores because they look good, but lack capability. The daily duties could be left to a pickup, but they can get pricey and are rough on gas mileage.

You might want to consider an SUV if you are looking for more than something to look good in. A sport utility vehicle is a working car.

Generally, they have more clearance and often come with four-wheel drive. This helps in rough…
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Advantages of Seasonal Car Maintenance

When you look at the calendar and see that the seasons are going to be changing soon, that is the time for you to go ahead and have your seasonal car maintenance done on your vehicle. The reason for this is that you don’t want to wait too long before you have it done for fear that you will find yourself in a situation that it is too late. Doing maintenance in advance will go a long way in…
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Ford Mixing Reality for Innovation

Ford designers are using the advancements of augmented and mixed reality technology from the HoloLens to conceptualize and visualize design information in a way that they were unable to before. The use of the HoloLens allows designers to overlay digitally rendered changes over an existing production model Ford vehicle. This is important because before now, every new vehicle design would have to be created, now the designers can see, tweak, and adjust designs in real time.

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