How Does Horsepower Work?

Horsepower is the very common phrase that you hear whenever you're looking at a new car. The truth about horsepower is that it was developed by an engineer named James Watt in the late 1700s as way to sell steam engines. In those days, horses did a lot of the work that people normally completed. His invention of the steam engine gave people a handy comparison between what they were accustomed to and the idea that James had for a steam engine.

James was working with ponies and he needed a convenient way to describe the amount of work that the ponies were capable of doing. Working with these ponies, he estimated that a mine pony could do 22,000 lbs. of work a minute which he then increased to 33,000 lbs. This became the common metric used as a result of standardization, and we at Bill Collins Ford of Louisville still use it today despite many years of progress! Stop by and explore our horsepower-driven Ford cars for sale today!

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