Ford Mixing Reality for Innovation

Ford, from the assembly line and into the future, has always been focused on innovation. The Ford Motor Company is now starting to work within the realm of mixed reality with help from Microsoft HoloLens. The integration of the technology is helping Ford designers better develop new vehicles at a faster pace than ever before.

Ford designers are using the advancements of augmented and mixed reality technology from the HoloLens to conceptualize and visualize design information in a way that they were unable to before. The use of the HoloLens allows designers to overlay digitally rendered changes over an existing production model Ford vehicle. This is important because before now, every new vehicle design would have to be created, now the designers can see, tweak, and adjust designs in real time.

This integration of technology is innovative because it allows for a much quicker design process. Take for instance the changing of a side mirror and the effects that change has on the driver's view, that change can be made and analyzed in minutes or even seconds compared to the normal days or weeks the change usually requires. The use of mixed reality is making the Ford design process much more efficient and effective, driving forward the future of Ford vehicles.

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