The 2017 Ford Focus: Not your Average Car

Want to feel like a kid again? The Ford Focus will do just that -- make you feel like a kid again in a candy store. It is that much fun. Plus, you'll cause some major car envy. And who doesn't like to have people gape at their car? It just confirms that your taste in cars is as good as you thought. Because, after all, everyone can't be wrong. But seriously, the Ford Focus is a good choice for so many reasons. It has an amazing exterior and luxurious interior. It is smart and it is even filled with safety-enhancing semi-autonomous features like Pre-Collision Assist. It even has a camera and sensors that tell you if there is something behind or beside you. See, I told you this car was smart. It even has cool SYNC 3 that lets you make hands-free calls while you drive. Impressed yet?
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